The gradual process of easing restrictions has now tentatively begun in Europe and, as markets re-open brands and retailers are continuing to focus on activities to kickstart retail.

During the past month we’ve seen 5 key approaches taken by our clients to ensure they are ready for retail’s comeback.

  1. Challenger brands have been securing and increasing their European retail presence with the planning of physical flagships to gain presence.
  2. Other brands and retailers are taking the opportunity to plan for upgrading their assets and have been busy producing and putting stock in place.
  3. Joint discussions on retail execution have been high on the action list of many brands and retailers enabling the building stock to allow them to move at pace when restrictions lift and mutually support one another.
  4. There has been a focus on stores that are still open and pushing product and communications into these channels.
  5. And those brand and retailers who have long term planning in place and are potentially less susceptible to recession, continue to plan production and installation.

We’ve been able to support our clients by completing design work, engineering and production as well as working on large scale logistical planning to ensure that we have stock in the right place at the right time to minimise time into store as and when we can gain access.

It is becoming clear that the role of the store moving forward will need to be redefined to attract consumers back into physical retail once restrictions begin to lift. For now, speed is of the essence to get product experiences and stock available for that all-important re-opening of retail.