Five activity-packed days, 94,000 predominantly international visitors and 2,300 hugely varied exhibitors – EuroShop 2020 was a busy, vibrant, inspiring experience, and a huge success for Alrec. We embraced the truly global nature of the show with an expert team representing all our geographical locations. Now it’s all over for another three years, we wanted to look back at both our own experience and some of the common trends we saw throughout the show.

Designed to stand out

As the “Experts in experience” we wanted our stand to represent our philosophy, approach and technical innovation. We’re grateful to have received extremely positive feedback from our visitors on its design and execution. It was the embodiment of the Alrec brand – a beautifully crafted physical space enhanced with integrated interactive elements designed to bring our story to life. A large touchscreen allowed visitors to explore the Alrec 360 approach through case studies, videos and dynamic content; immersive AR technology provided a deep exploration into our creative abilities; and large format LED walls enabled us to showcase our very best work.

This is the very essence of the work we do every day for our clients, so it was a rewarding and insightful experience to apply our approach to our own brand for a change. Judging by how busy our meeting schedule was, it certainly made an impression on our visitors – all of whom were keen to discover how we could bring their brand to life in the same way. Interested to discover how we could do the same for you? Get in touch with our expert team to find out more.

Tracking the trends

We launched our 2020 Industry Report at EuroShop. The Report has been proving a big success, and it was good to see the key trends we’d identified clearly in evidence at the show.

Bridging the gap between on- and offline retail, sustainability as a core value and the shift in the balance of power to the consumer driving in-store evolution – particularly when it comes to technology – were all key themes at the 2020 show.

It was interesting to see online technology driving in-store changes – mobile POS at the point of choosing, virtual shopping carts and digital mannequins featured among some of the innovations on display. Eliminating the queue has become a big ambition – continuing the trend to turn bricks and mortar retail into a satisfying and engaging leisure experience that works alongside online channels, rather than trying to compete with them.

Sustainability has evolved beyond a buzzword – the show was packed with brilliant examples of materials, technology and design that could provide genuinely significant improvements in environmental performance – as we’ve covered in our Industry Report, this is now an expectation among the majority of consumers, not a “nice to have”.

For more on these key themes, and a deep look into the statistics behind them, make sure you sign up for your copy of our 2020 Industry Report.