Alrec Sustainability & Environmental Statement

We have always taken our responsibilities towards sustainability and the environment seriously which is why they are embedded in our CSR strategy and why we strive, now more than ever, to make a difference.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible management is of paramount importance to all of us across the business. It is firmly rooted in our value system and ultimately realised in the solutions we provide.

Making it happen

Our multi-functional teams focus on sustainability initiatives and drive a culture of continued improvement within their respective parts of the business. The approach is embedded throughout our operational process and supports the dedicated client teams with idea generation and integration of sustainable solutions for our clients.

Innovation for driving increased sustainability

We have a constant focus on new and improved sustainable efficiencies, thinking and techniques to support our business and our clients in making a visible and measurable positive impact, as well as raising awareness around the longevity of products and their end-of-life management.

Reducing environmental impact through sustainable development

Our cradle-to-cradle thinking paves the way by re-defining the approach to design, and engineering with a focus on 4 key area of modularity, materials, dimensions, and supply chain. This enables us to work with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions that benefit our society and the environment.

Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Our Quality and Environment department is responsible for all environmental and sustainability initiatives at our manufacturing facility and for encouraging sustainable decision making as a part of the everyday manufacturing and delivery process. They ensure that all legal obligations are met.

The team are also responsible for ensuring the continuity of our long-held certifications for ISO 14001 environmental waste management and FSC.

And we don’t just focus on manufacturing but also our services offering. The team support ongoing logistics reviews and restructuring which drives efficiencies whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Supply chain partner commitments

We expect the same high standards from our supply chain partners as we do of ourselves when it comes to legislation and environmental impact. The procurement team employ sustainable sourcing strategies working with our partners to drive the very best outcomes as well as providing comprehensive environmentally focused supplier agreements.

End of life – driving sustainability further

Alrec’s Refurbish, Recycle and Redeploy approach means we can continue to make a positive impact by collecting, refurbishing, recycling and reinstalling solutions or parts thereof. This not only protects investments and ROI but allows us to significantly reduce waste.

Continued focus and commitment

We’ve built our business on a commitment to best practice and continual improvement including our impact on the environment. We will continue to invest in those strategies, and processes to ensure that we reduce our environmental impact and will continue to evolve our work in this space.