Corporate Social Responsibility

For Alrec Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means helping to meet the world’s growing economic, environmental and social needs in responsible ways. We do that by offering sustainable solutions to our clients and by making our own operations as sustainable as possible.

CSR purpose

We are an open, transparent, committed, accountable and responsible organization, that creates economic, environmental and social value. We believe in creating win-win solutions by connecting the interests of the market, the environment, our employees and local communities, and we accept our corporate responsibility to reliably report and raise awareness by measuring and visualizing our impact.

CSR ambition

It is our long-term ambition to focus on Alrec’s most relevant topics that support the continuity of the organization. Those topics reduce risks and create opportunities, economically, environmentally and socially. We are further developing our policy and approach by involving different organizational levels, introducing a reporting manual, collecting data, and implementing the approach in all parts of our company.

CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy is derived from the overall strategy of Alrec that “rethinking the retail experience is what we do. We are always looking for smarter solutions, are on top of trends and translate them into meaningful experiences”.

Following the overall strategy, the CSR strategy is expressed by setting performance indicators in 4 domains on 7 topics. We identified those topics by exploring Alrec’s risks and opportunities, as well as their level of impact. These topics support Alrec’s commitment to be a responsible partner.

CSR approach

Our CSR approach focuses on identification of, and responding to, relevant trends and developments around CSR, collecting reliable data and information based on the identified topics and KPI’s, visualizing best-practices, and yearly reporting on our performance and progress.

We have centralized coordination of the following activities:

  • Identification and selection of topics, KPI’s and targets;
  • Definitions and guidelines; publication of a reporting manual;
  • Collection, verification and validation of data;
  • Analysis, reporting and presentation proposals for follow-up action;
  • Benchmarking.

CSR Organization

The Alrec Group Management Team is responsible for defining the CSR strategy and the approval of CSR policies that are developed and will be implemented by the CSR Taskforce. The CSR Taskforce should represent all CSR domains. The CSR Taskforce works closely together with the Alrec Innovation team in the field of sustainable developments and innovations.