As we are all fully aware, Coronavirus is having a major impact on the daily lives of our society. In many sectors, economic activity is declining sharply, and stores are temporarily closing their doors. When the pandemic comes to an end, we expect that businesses, and society as a whole, will want to resume normal daily life as soon as possible. We may even see economic spikes associated with this activity.

Our in-house production facilities in Poland are still fully operational. Both our teams and supply chain are committed to supporting our clients and the continuation of their projects in anticipation of a return to physical retail trading. Ensuring we are working in line with government guidelines at all times, we’ve put in place wide-ranging and strict measures to protect our teams if they choose to work. Some of these measures include; 3 shifts in 24 hours to minimise the number of people in the facility at any one time, home working for all employees other than production floor operatives, daily health screening for all employees at the facility and of course all PPE equipment.

We are already discussing with clients how we best use the current time to be ready to move with speed as and when the time comes. As a result of these discussions, we’re working on individual plans for clients to get kit close to where it will be needed, or stored in our facilities with JIT planning in place for fast distribution and roll out, as well as planning maintenance works.

By working closely with our supply chain partners now, we can help secure both livelihoods and execution for clients as and when the “storm” passes, and the time comes to kickstart retail.