We’ve combined our constant drive for innovation with our retail expertise to create a next-gen digital toolkit that’s modular and scalable.

Enhance your shoppers’ physical product interactions with inspiring and engaging digital touch points. Alrec Connect easily creates and delivers high level in-store shopper experiences that are fit for the future of retail.

A digital toolkit

  • Standardised components deliver incredible value
  • Fits seamlessly with tailormade solutions
  • Multi-player and plug-and-play content updates for easy management across multiple media player formats
  • Track interactions with your customers
  • Content management is connected to furniture and product asset tracking when connected to Symphonia

Get to market quickly with our innovative, modular electronic solutions.

We’ve shortened development time and reduced costs by creating a set of standardised, interchangeable, technology-rich retail building blocks. They’re streamlined but still flexible enough to uniquely customise the shopper experience, while meeting the needs of the retailer and your brand. The interchangeability makes keeping the experience up-to-date easy – you can even connect digital updates to physical product exchanges.


Connect Interfaces

Simple, modular shopper interaction interfaces designed to engage and connect you with your customers.

It’s so easy: just select the best modules for each product to be explored in-store, hook them up to the Connect Hub and the system is ready to go. And it’s future-proof – components are totally interchangeable.

Standardised electronic components

  • Pre-designed interfaces which allow for multiple product interactions
  • Components to cover everything from simple interaction to complex engagement
  • Pre-developed modules provide a quicker route to market
  • Cost effective production due to economy of scale

Seamless integration with tailormade electronics

  • To enable more complex interactions
  • Perfect for new product launches


Connect Hub

The Hub makes content management easy. You won’t need to manually control content releases from a central location timed with physical product updates at each store location. Simply connect the new product tile and the content is updated automatically.

All electronic components communicate with the central Connect Hub and identify themselves to the Alrec Connect operating system. And, like magic, the right content is automatically updated and played.

Decentralised content control

  • Content can be pre-loaded to a product library
  • Auto-recognition of connected Connect Interface tiles
  • Playlists on the Connect Hub are automatically re-configured
  • Futureproof: simply swap a tile and the content is updated automatically after a system reboot

Multi-player platform

  • Simple video playlists on cost-effective MediaPlayer MP4 platform
  • Create intricate user interfaces with custom built apps running on the
  • Android Player platform

Connect Software

In-store product information needs to be kept up-to-date. It’s vital to synchronise with marketing campaigns and stock updates to deliver a true return on investment.

For example, the information shoppers look for varies depending on the product life cycle and what competitors are currently offering. When product updates are released, the new features and benefits need to be explored and explained. Our Connect software enables you to do this and track customer interactions to provide the data and insight you benefit from.

Alrec Connect can be updated in store or remotely via the web, making it suitable for all POS types.


Symphonia is our specialist software which gives you the ability to track, manage and optimise all of your physical in-store assets. When you combine Alrec Connect with Symphonia you have a powerful partnership, which increases the options and control you have over your assets.